What Affects the Quality of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

What Affects The Quality Of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Olivios Kitchen Discusses What Can Affect Olive Oil Quality


Light, heat and time affect the quality of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

What affects the quality of Extra Virgin Olive Oil  – Storing olive oil correctly is most important.  A lot of people just put their Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the cupboard nearest where they are cooking, it’s a convenient place, but heat damages the oil and shortens its lifespan.  Fresh Extra Virgin Olive Oil tastes great but olive oil which has gone off tastes terrible!  A cool dark cupboard away from any heat source is best….

Once you open your olive oil you should consume it sooner rather than later – three to six months being the norm.

Light should be eliminated at all costs as exposure to strong light such as ultraviolet can break down the olive oil over time.  NEVER store your olive oil by a window, for example!  Store your olive oil in a cool dark cupboard – that’s why good olive oil is bottled in ‘green‘ bottles…

Air can also damage the quality of olive oil – that’s why our olive oil is bottled in airtight bottles and we recommend that you consume your Extra Virgin Olive Oil sooner rather than later to ensure that it stays tasty and fresh.  Please don’t save it for that special occasion if you have already opened it – it will go bad and that would be a great shame for such beautiful Extra Virgin Olive Oil !  You should try to minimise the oil’s exposure to oxygen….

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