Pairing Food With Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Pairing Food With Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Pairing food with extra virgin olive oil is just like pairing good wine with your food. It is difficult to tell you what will taste best for you, as each individual has their own ideas as what constitutes a good olive oil and olive flavours can vary so much.  There are so many variants of olive oil but if you remember a few basic points you will ensure that the olive oil that you purchase will complement good food:

Colour is not indicative of the quality of the olive oil – quality olive oils range in colour from pale yellow through to dark green, depending on the variety of olive, where it is grown and the climate.  The harvest timing also plays a part.

Olive oils are high in heart-healthy monounsaturated fat – ‘good’ fat!  Cooking with olive oil does not take any of the health benefits away – its just storing your olive oil next to a heat source once it is opened and no longer airtight that causes damage to the olive oil.

Bear in mind that olives are a fruit and olive oil is fruit juice – Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the juice of an olive (drupe) with the water and solids filtered out – modern methods of extracting olive oil from the fruit of the olive tree are much faster and cleaner and therefore produce much higher quality olive oil.  If you like good fresh food then you should always use a good quality olive oil to complement it.  If you like Italian cooking, in particular, then you should choose Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Extra light olive oil doesn’t mean less calories, but simply refers to the flavour and colour of the olive oil and the colour of the oil doesn’t impact on the flavour!

Either cooking or simply drizzling olive oil over your fish, chicken, pork dishes or salads is great for that true Mediterranean feel – but olive oil works just as well on Asian, Mexican or your typical English/American food.  If you’re not in the mood for cooking then simply break freshly baked bread and dip in some great quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Olivios Kitchen!

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