How To Taste Fresh Extra Virgin Olive Oil

How To Taste Fresh Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Pour a little Extra Olive Oil into a small cup (espresso cup) or glass then swirl the olive oil gently around the glass in your hands to release the true olive oil aromas. Take a breath and put your nose in the glass and inhale – voila!

Take a little into your mouth and swallow – think about the olives growing in 100 year olive orchards and you will be instantly transported to the fields and valleys of Italy!

Bearing in mind that olives are a fruit, a good olive oil should exude a hint of fruitiness. Extra Virgin Olive Oil should also taste slightly peppery (polyphenols-antioxidants) and also slightly bitter with a pungent smell.  The degree of bitterness depends on the ripeness of the olives.  If the olive oil doesn’t have these peppery bitter tones then it is of poor quality and sadly lacking in antioxidants which is the main exponent of adding Extra Olive Oil to your diet.  When Extra Virgin Olive Oil has been recently pressed that peppery/bitter flavour should be present.  Bitterness, in particular, is characteristic of fresh olive oil.  Fresh Extra Virgin Olive Oil should not taste heavy or oily!

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It’s actually sad that most people don’t know the difference between good (fresh) olive oil and average olive oil and definitely don’t know the difference in taste!  It’s fairly obvious that good food comes from fresh ingredients so don’t compromise – buy only the best Extra Olive Oil to get all of the health benefits – antioxidants….

Drizzling Extra Virgin Olive Oil over most dishes brings them to life, helps lower cholesterol – there are so many Extra Virgin Olive Oils infused with gorgeous flavours that you can use the oil in/on virtually any recipe to give it an ‘Extra’ kick…. you can choose from garlic, Truffle, Chilli, Rosemary, Oregano, Basil.  Of course you can also infuse your own Extra Virgin Olive Oil quite easily to create a unique flavour for your recipes.



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