Artichoke Hearts in Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Artichoke Hearts in Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Take the prick out of preparing your own Artichokes – The spiny leaf tips prick your fingers!

Artichoke Hearts in Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil are one of the most delicious and tender vegetables around.  Olivios Kitchen have partnered with Bonamini Frantoio to bring you the delicate flavour of Artichokes.  These Artichoke hearts have just a hint of garlic, chilli pepper, capers and parsley.

Such a useful vegetable and if you have any sense you will always buy Artichokes which are already prepared in Extra Virgin Olive Oil or canned – taste just as good as fresh without all the hassle!

Artichokes should always be bathing in olive oil – of course you can use any one of our flavoured Extra Virgin Olive Oils to achieve this and create many different tasty recipes which take minutes to prepare.  You can choose from Garlic, Chilli, Oregano, Lemon, Rosemary and even truffle.  Use a little fresh basil and fresh parsley to make the flavour a little more intense, actually whatever herb you fancy adding to achieve that intense flavour.

Throw the infused chopped Artichoke hearts over grilled fish, roasted chicken, seared scallops or pork chops. If you are a pasta lover then simply mix together with your pasta or rice – Artichokes go with virtually everything.

Be the connoisseur in the kitchen…….

If you go on the ‘Artichoke’ product, we have a few tips on their use and some recipe suggestions.  If you have your own ideas on the use of Artichokes please share these with us and we will add your suggestions to our web site- if you have a picture of the finished dish – all the better!




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